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No cash back is allowed with FHA streamline loans and you must already have an FHA mortgage with your current 1st mortgage. You will enjoy the automated loan process that FHA streamline loans provide. Take a minute and find out how much you can save with a fixed FHA mortgage rate for 30-years.

FHA Streamline Refinance for the Lowest FHA Rates

We are an FHA lending company that specializes in FHA streamline refinance loans. Our lending team understands the needs of FHA borrowers and how FHA streamline refinancing works, so you will get the best mortgage rate and great advice to maximize the FHA loan programs.

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15 and 30 Year FHA Refinance Rates Remain Low

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For the last few years, homeowners have benefited greatly from record low FHA rates on fifteen and thirty year mortgage terms. According to several government approved lenders, mortgage rates for the FHA streamline program were very attractive in the beginning of 2013.

In April, the Federal Housing Administration implemented some new rules that could have profound affects on borrowing under government mortgage programs. HUD approved a significant change that does not enable FHA customers to get rid of their mortgage insurance on FHA mortgages if they had less than 10% equity in their home when they refinanced or purchased it. Mortgage insurance premiums went up on every government insured loan programs with the exception of the FHA streamline refinance. Unfortunately many first time home buyers may reconsider financing with FHA if these changes remain in effect.

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FHA Streamline Refinance Under 620 FICO

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The FHA Streamline Company continues to offer low FICO FHA refinance loans with loan approvals for borrowers below a 620 FICO.  If you already have a FHA mortgage, consider our streamline loan that automates the mortgage refinance process while reducing the lender costs.

FHA Streamline Program

  • Must use new guidelines regardless of case number date
  • VOM for 12 months – 0×30
  • VOD to verify funds to close
  • No Credit Score Pulled
  • No FICO Requirement
  • No AVM
  • Manufactured Home Allowed

The FHA Streamline Company has been originating and processing FHA loans since 1995. We are one of the volume FHA lenders in California and continue to offer the widest variety of FHA home loans! Choose from the FHA 203k loan, Streamlines, FHA jumbo, cash out refinancing and more.

Our company is one of the last FHA lenders designated to do FHA Manual Underwrites, because HUD rewards our loan portfolio.  Presently, the FHA Streamline Company is originating FHA loans in all 50 states.

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